NamCheap under fire

NameCheap has come under fire from the anti-fraud community again.

From what can be gathered, NameCheap has been playing anti-abuse games again. In the past Enom has diverted all issues linked to NameCheap to them for abuse handling, despite Enom being the registrar of record and ultimately responsible. In the process deserving cases for termination due to fraudulent domain registrations details and usage are ignored. Namecheap is using any excuse possible not to act on abuse reports apart from replying why they can't do anything.

This has a ring of Heihachi and fake German shopkeeper to it. I would have really thought that these parties have learnt from lessons past, but it seems not.

A list of open issues with Enom/NameCheap has just been posted here: http://forum.aa419.org/viewtopic.php?t=69328

Grabbing a pack of peanuts and popcorn. It seems this situation has gone on too long and the anti-abuse community is gearing up ...

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